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Backpacking with a Smart Phone: Multi-Tool or Anchor?

What’s Up With That?

It amazes me how many people hike with smart phones, or cell phones in general. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-technology. I use my iPhone for business a lot. I travel and manage a field force of consultants with my smart phone. I check schedules, read reports, handle email, sync with my laptop, read books, listen to music, pay bills, and do a myriad of other tasks with my phone. I even talk to people on my phone. But I abhor and don’t utilize the “texting” function. I also keep it synced with my iPad. The smart phone allows me to be more productive when I am working. Continue reading Backpacking with a Smart Phone: Multi-Tool or Anchor?

The Death of Ultralight Backpacking

I first began a draft of this post this summer. Lately there have been quite a few comments from the Internet backpacking community about the death of ultralight backpacking.

All of this started with a blog post by Andrew Skurka this summer titled, Stupid Light. That post stirred up quite a bit of controversy. I suppose using the word, “stupid” was the catalyst. The gist of the post is that one should choose their gear based on the conditions of the trip, the skill and experience of the hiker. Continue reading The Death of Ultralight Backpacking