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Kickstarter (or brother can you spare a dime)

What’s Up With That?

kickstarter logoRecently I have read several posts requesting money on Kickstarter. Not knwoing what Kickstarter was, I did a little research. Kickstarter is a “crowdfunding” website. That is, people/companies looking for capital to develop a product or service request donations to their project. I guess you would call it donations, because you cannot “invest” in the project and receive part of the profit. For your gift you usually receive some sort of minor gift or trinket. Sometimes, if the request is for a product, then you are basically pre-ordering that product. Of course, usually you don’t know if the product is any good because it hasn’t been produced yet. Kickstarter is not a store. Sounds like panhandling or begging to me. However it is not all bad. There are some good things going on over there and I will share some later in this post.

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Grand Obsession: Harvey Butchart

harvey butchart

If you are human and have stood on the rim of the Grand Canyon, you have to have been overwhelmed by its immensity and beauty.

If you have ventured down to the bottom via one of the popular trails, you must have been absorbed its charm.

If you are lucky enough to travel down to the bottom on a little known and rarely used trail, you are probably addicted to the Grand Canyon. It is a heroin drip.

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