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Cold Monochrome Living

02-20-2013 bwThe past three weeks have been a cold gray haze. That is, I have been living in a monochrome world. Everything has been a shade of black, white or gray. And it is has been cold. It started 3 weeks ago in Colorado.

Last week I was in Illinois. It started with an early morning flight from California. Early morning means driving to the airport in the dark. As I boarded the silver gray plane, that set the color-tone for the next three days.

Descending from 30,000 feet towards O’Hare International Airport, the sky below was a gray blanket. Transitioning from a sunlight blue sky above; we dropped into a gray world. A world I would live in for the next three days.

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A Gentleman’s Guide to Fitting Trousers

01 selectionLet’s face it, most men don’t know how to buy or fit their trousers.

Properly fitted trousers will allow you to sit, stand, and walk without the material falling down, shifting, or becoming uncomfortable.
When purchasing ready-made off the rack trousers in a store, there are two measurements, the waist and the inseam.

It seems that many men don’t know where their waist is, or how to measure it.

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