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The Digital Life: David vs. Goliath

Pebble vs. Apple

Tiny start up manufacturer Pebble entered the “smart watch” arena before Apple, although they knew Apple was going to become a player. What were they thinking?

My Pebble Watch
My Pebble Watch

For many years Apple was a computer company. Today Apple is a consumer products company, and to reflect this change, a while back they changed their name from “Apple Computer” to “Apple.” During this metamorphosis Apple became the most valuable company on the planet.

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Bike Security

Kryptonite Series 2 with optional cable

Last year, when I bought our Novara Safari bicycles, a priority purchase was a lock or some other security device.

The fact a security device to protect a bicycle is a requirement to keep it from being stolen pisses me off.

This got me to thinking. Almost every person I know, who has owned bikes, has had one or more stolen. In the past I have had three bikes stolen from me and all were locked to prevent theft. So thus began a new research project.

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