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Is my BIC empty?

My last post was about the wonderful Bic Lighter.

I touched on the fact you can hold a light to it and see how much fuel is left. I have never tried to check the level on a trip with a headlamp, because I am incredibly smart — I check it before I leave home with a flash light. Below is an example.

You can see the lighter is half full (the optimist point of view) and you can also see the pickup  tube.
You can see the lighter is half full (the optimist point of view) and you can also see the pickup tube.

Best Piece of Backpacking Gear. Ever.

I often read gear reviews that are really just initial impressions. Some folks use gear for a year or two and call it a long term review. I think if gear is used for 10 or more years, it qualifies as a long term review. This way we can answer the question, “Does it stand the test of time?”

For the past 40 plus years there has been only one piece of gear I have taken on every backpacking trip. It has also accompanied me on most day hikes and camping trips too.

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Fastest Known Time redux

Almost two years ago I wrote about the phenomenon known as the Fastest Known Time or FKT. At the time, I stated I wasn’t against the concept per se, but I did express several concerns.

Stuck at home this weekend, I spent some time catching up on a few of my favorite blogs. And my fears about the FKT negatively impacting wilderness areas were personified in this simple one line statement and picture on Tom Jamrog’s blog.



I don’t have anything to add.

You might want to read Paul Magnanti’s comments on the above subject. His thoughts mirror mine.


Prudence and Weather


The concept of prudence is a critical cornerstone in Western thought, philosophy, and theology; often considered to be a virtue. Prudence is the ability to make good decisions using reason.

Beauty Directed by Prudence – Angelica Kauffman

It has been nearly a month since my last post. I have been away from home on several trips with little time for publishing anything here. That is how my summers seem to go. Perhaps I will put together a trip report or two, since I am at home this weekend: the result of a prudent decision.

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