Air Force One in Palm Springs

“Salute the rank, not the man.”

Maj. Richard Winters

Band of Brothers

Today Joyce wanted us to have lunch together and watch President Obama land at the Palm Springs Airport, which is only a couple miles from our house.

The President’s views on just about everything and mine are diametrically opposed, just about 100% of the time. But I learned in the military that you respect the rank and he is our Commander in Chief. Given that, it was exciting to watch Air Force One land. Besides, it dismissed me from the Honey Do List, and I couldn’t go hiking on the trails leading out of Palm Springs into the San Jacinto Mountains… the Police shut down access for security reasons. Too bad I don’t have a camera with a large telephoto lens.

Landing with the Santa Rosa Mountains in the background
Air Force One
San Jacinto Mountains in the background
Air Force One
Mount San Gorgonio and the San Bernardino Mountains in the background

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