Backpacking Wallet – you’re kidding right?

Tonight I was reading a couple blogs via Bloglovin, and I see this raffle for an Ultralight Cuben Fiber Hiker’s Wallet. What the Hell? So I check it out. Holds 6 credit cards, 2 hidden compartments, and a billfold compartment. Oh, and it costs $35. Of course someone will get a free one in the raffle. Not me, it’s silly. It does weigh only 22 grams.

When I am backpacking I bring my Driver’s license, one credit card, my California Fire Permit, and some cash. I put it into a little sack that weighs 3 grams. I like it because it has a little draw string to keep the contents secure.


Edit: After I posted this, it dawned on my that I had read a similar post somewhere and the author uses a Ziplock bag, which is just about free. There is only one person with this kind of common sense – pmags. So a quick search found this post last year extolling the Ziplock walletA Ziplock bag this size weigh around 6 grams. Elegant solution.

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