Note: I am not a “gear reviewer.” All my gear was purchased by me, and to be honest, few gear manufacturers know who I am or probably care about my opinions. If a piece of gear works for me, I keep it. And by “working,” I mean that it does its intended job and I don’t have to think about. If I have to constantly think about a piece of gear when on the trail, then it probably is flawed. Also, these reviews are really “mini reviews.” I am not inclined to set-up gear on the trail and take a lot of pictures to share with others.

Backpacking Gear I Currently Use

Backpacking Chairs

Backpacking Wallet — you’re kidding, right?

Best Piece of Backpacking Gear. Ever.

Is my BIC empty?

Caldera Cone Stove System

Caldera Cone Fissure Ti-Tri System & Other Stove Thoughts

Esbit Stove Shootout: Caldera versus LiteTrail

Exped Backpacking Pillow



Lite Trail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System

McHale Bump Backpack

McHale LBP 36 Backpack

Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar Shelter

NeoAir Mattress by Therm-a-Rest

Patagonia Houdini Windshirt

Rain Gear

You Can Get an Ultralight Backpacking Kit at REI

Six Moon Designs Wild Oasis Shelter

Six Moon Designs Deschutes CF Shelter

Sony RX100 M1 Compact Camera


Tarptent Scarp 1

The Business of Backpacking (caution for gear reviews)

Watches for Backpacking

Timex Expedition Watch (2016)

Winter Footwear

zPacks Hexamid Solo Shelter

zPacks Poncho/Groundsheet

zPacks Zero Backpack