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Tire Pressure Secrets for Camping Trailers & Tow Vehicles

“What should the tire pressure be when towing?”

expedition-p-metic-tireThis is a common question. If there is one subject among trailer owners that is wrought with misinformation and voodoo, it is tire pressure and load capacity. A discussion about tire pressure is, well, a numbers discussion. Ah, numbers are our friends. Just in case you dislike technical stuff and a bunch of numbers, let me pique your interest with a couple commonly asked but rarely correctly answered questions.

Q. Tire pressures are always shown as cold. Can I set my tires after driving on them and what should I set them at?

A. You should add 5 – 6 psi above the specifications. For example, if the specification is 35 psi, then set your warm tires to 40 or 41 psi.

Q. My SUV/Light Truck came equipped with passenger tires. Is there anything special I should know?

A. Yes. The load carrying capacity of P-Metric tires when used on SUVs, light trucks, and vans is 91% of the stated capacity.

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Joshua Tree National Park Article

A friend of mine asked me to write an article for a magazine about Joshua Tree National Park that would be of interest to owners of tent trailers and small campers. I reluctantly accepted, as I really don’t have time for these kinds of projects — they interfere with my camping and backpacking time. He said I could take a few months to complete it. So I proceeded. In the end, the magazine decided to make it a four part series.

2014-11-20 PU Times Mag Cover

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Fit System 3891 Clip-On Towing Mirrors

2389586360049309119The law of the Great Welfare State of California states that a vehicle towing a trailer requires that

“when the trailer or its load affects the driver’s view to the rear, the law requires two rear view mirrors, one on each side of the towing vehicle, to give the driver an unobstructed view of the highway at least 200 feet behind.”

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