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Is The President of the United States The Moral Authority of America?

What’s Up With That?

I normally don’t write about politics here. However, this subject needs attention.

Charlottesville Violence

There has been much conversation about the violent protest last month, and criticism of President Trump for what he didn’t say, and then what he did say. The criticism keeps coming back to the point that many Americans and most of the media/press think the office of the president is the moral authority of our country.

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The Inconsistencies of USGS Topo Maps: WTF?

What’s Up With That?

Buyer Beware

This post isn’t a condemnation of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), but a caution that all USGS Topo maps aren’t created equal. In fact, I think the USGS is one of the very few worthwhile government services. So let’s take a look at some of the inconsistencies of these topo maps that might cause problems for those walking in wild areas.

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UL Backpacking and the Coming Financial & Environmental Crises

What’s Up With That?

There are 4 months left in the year and I am beginning to see articles about The Best Backpacking Gear of 2017 and My Favorite Backpacking Gear of 2017 on the Internet. I don’t read these kinds of things any more because the “new” gear is generally no better or lighter than the 2016 lists of stuff, 2015 lists, 2010 lists, or even marginally lighter or better than gear that was sold 40 years ago in 1977.

There is one piece of equipment I recently saw that has some promise, but I didn’t read about it in one of those “best” or “favorite” gear articles.

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New & Improved Backpacking Gear!

What’s Up With That?

It’s that time of year. Back in June the big European Outdoor Gear Retailer Show was held. At the end of July the big US show was in progress in Utah. I’ve never been to one of these events, but I’ve been to trade shows in other industries, which usually are not open to the public. So I have a very good and probably accurate perception about what goes on at the outdoor gear shows.

So what are these show? Manufacturers show off their “New” and often “Improved” gear in hopes retailers will place orders.

Out in the world of consumers, backpackers are waiting impatiently for newest and greatest offerings. On Internet forums the gear faithful are posting, “Anyone hear what is new at the show?” Folks with press credentials roam the floors of the shows taking pictures, grabbing brochures, and talking to sales reps, so they can run home and share all this wonderful information on their blogs for the panting public to lap up.

What’s not to be excited about? And of course everyone can’t wait until these products are released, usually in the fall or next spring, so their favorite blog or magazine can review all the new and improved stuff, and of course tell us what is best, what we must have, and where to buy it. It’s AWESOME!

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Money, Andrew Skurka, and Me

My Website Now Has Ads

adsJust got back from an extended camping trip in the desert in Nevada and my website had a bunch of “ping-backs” from this post by Andrew Skurka.

A ping-back is when another website refers a reader via a link. Andrew was very complementary about this website and Dave Chenault’s Bedrock and Paradox as blogs with some quality content, although not a lot of content, and both sites are not monetized; that is they do not generate income.

I want to clarify this and state again as I did on October 16th, that now incorporates affiliate marketing, which generates a small amount of income for me.

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