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Trump vs. The Pope

What’s Up With That?

In My Thoughts on the Presidential Race I concluded that we do not have a single acceptable candidate in either party. But the race does have one redeeming value, since I no longer have cable TV, the campaign has become more entertaining than the Comedy Channel.

So today the Pope said (or inferred) that The Donald can’t be a Christian because he wants to build a security wall along our southern border.

My first thought and something I would want to ask the Pope is,


“Dude, what’s’ that big thing surrounding the Vatican?”

Dear Reader, in case you don’t know what the picture above is, it’s the BIG frickin’ security wall that surrounds the Vatican and it is probably at least twice as tall as what The Donald wants to build along our border.


National Cheeseburger Day

What’s Up With That?

I disdain holidays. Almost all of them have become a means to market stuff. Many have been bastardized so government employees get a 3-day weekend (think President’s Day). Most holidays are created by folks wanting to sell you something. The only redeeming value of holidays is that I normally go camping or backpacking when they pop up on my calendar.

This morning my first email of the day was from a co-worker announcing that September 18th is National Cheeseburger Day. Never heard of it. But I can get behind this holiday. I am known as a Cheeseburger aficionado. When traveling with co-workers I try to eat at least one meal a day that consists of a Cheeseburger. Sometimes I eat one for both lunch and breakfast. Joyce doesn’t let me eat many Cheeseburgers when I’m home.

So I forwarded the National Cheeseburger Day email to Joyce and she said we could go out to dinner and get a Cheeseburger. God bless Tiny Tim!

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California’s Water Nazis


What’s Up With That?


Remember the Soup Nazi in the TV series, Seinfeld? Well, we have a new soup Nazi today. It is the Water Nazis and their chant is “No water for you today.”

Unless you are an ostrich with your head in the ground, you probably know that California is in the midst of a severe long-term drought.

In Palms Springs, California and other cities you can now be a water-Nazi, or now the politically correct term, Water Watchdog.

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Palm Springs Leaves Citizens ‘Holding the Bag’

sicle and sythe
The People’s Republic of California








What’s Up With That?

An ordinance went into effect on Jan 1, 2015 in Palm Springs that makes it illegal for stores to provide “single use” plastic bags to customers. Instead they must sell customers a recycled paper bag at a minimum cost to 10 cents, or the customer must supply their own bag, which can be purchased at much higher price point. I can purchase large paper grocery bags with handles in bulk for a little over 3 cents each. A large grocery chain can get an even cheaper price. So where is all the extra money going?

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TGO Awards Controversy

What’s Up With That?

TGO annual awards I don’t read magazines or newspapers. I don’t read much on the Internet, unless I am researching something and most of the time you can’t trust what you read. I do, as time permits, read a few backpacking blogs, mostly those based in the UK, and especially a few Scottish hill walkers (apparently they don’t call themselves backpackers). What appeals to me about these UK walkers is the usually dreadful weather they walk in, their propensity to ignore bad weather, and their blog posts seem to focus more on their trips; not their gear.

It has been a while since the big “blow out” over the TGO awards, but I just read about it because I was on vacation for an extended period, during which time all of this transpired.

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