Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Backpacker


It’s that time of year when bloggers are posting articles about gift ideas for the special backpacker in your life — you know, backpacking gear. This is a dumb idea and you should ignore these suggestions. The same goes if that special person in your life is a camper.

A backpacker’s kit is a very specialized toolbox of gear. Much like an auto mechanic who already owns a lot of tools, you wouldn’t buy a mechanic a  tool unless you knew he needed a specific tool that performs specific function. For example, there are hundreds of types of screw drivers and mechanics already have a large assortment of screw drivers. You would’t buy a screw driver as a gift unless you knew a special screw driver is needed.

Below are some of the screw drivers I use.


If Joyce bought me a screw driver I probably wouldn’t need it or use it. But that is what people do — buy stuff for gifts that the recipient doesn’t need or won’t use.

I always figure out far in advance what gifts the special people in my life will enjoy and appreciate. This isn’t done by asking what they want, but by talking and listening to them.

If the special person in your life is a backpacker or camper don’t buy them any gear unless you know the exact brand and model of an item you know for sure they need or want. In other words, ignore all the blogs with backpacking or camping gift ideas.

If you are still struggling for some gift ideas here are some of my favorite books that might be a perfect gift.


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