Clarification on the Deschutes CF Post Yesterday

I got a very nice email from the owner of Six Moon Designs, Ron Moak. My description of the seam construction was not exactly correct. The original post has been updated with the following information:

The Deschutes CF is constructed from several pieces of Cuben material and all of the seams on the Deschutes are sewn first then tapped. The sewn seam allowance is not seen as it is buried under a wide 1.5” piece of seam tape. This protects the stitching and makes for a very clean seam.

SMD also uses their own custom seam tapes and glue. The normal transfer tapes used on Cuben can peel under the right conditions. However, SMD wet tape bonds more completely to the Cuben when it dries. The tapping also waterproofs the seams.

Other than that, he liked the comments about using a tarp, and of course the write-up on the Deschutes CF.

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