Cuben Tech Clothing: Unintended Consequences

It seems that many folks are playing around with different kinds of Cuben Tech variants to make waterproof and breathable clothing. I guess they missed my Search for the Holy Grail article on this fallacy.

Aside from this fruitless search, many people feel that Cuben Tech clothing is not visually appealing — I think the term is aesthetically.

zPacks poncho groundsheet

I think folks are missing the positive unintended consequences of my Cuben Tech poncho.

On a long hike, you may have to go into a town to get supplies. If it is raining and you are wearing Cuben gear some really, really good things will happen to you.

  • You won’t be wearing designer urban outerwear. This means strangers won’t want to stop you on the street and waste your time with worthless conversation.
  • Cuben gear looks like a trash bag. People will think you are homeless and won’t want to talk to you.
  • Strangers might stop you and give you money.
  • Often strangers will see you walking down the street and give you a wide berth by crossing the street away from you.
  • Better than giving you a wide berth, everyone in town might just disappear.

bisbee smaller

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