First Camping Trip of 2015

Returning from my backpacking trip to the Muddy Mountains Wilderness, I spent Christmas with Joyce. Mr Weatherman predicted a winter storm heading towards Nevada with possible snow in the forecast. I hate cold.

So we decided to make haste to Joshua Tree for a little (hopefully) warmer weather.


The weather was warm and balmy, but the cold front hit us the day before New Year’s Eve.


On New Year’s Eve the high was 37F, with steady stiff winds. Not fun for for us desert dwellers. So we left our camper and headed over to Chiriaco Summit to visit the General Patton Museum. Patton trained his troops in this section of the Southern California Desert, as it was the closest thing he could find to simulate North Africa.

DSC03385 DSC03386 When we got back there were a few snow flurries, but nothing stuck to the ground.

The idea of New Year’s Eve parties and watching a gigantic count-down timers on television has always seemed like an idiotic way to ring in the new year, especially when one can go camping and pretty much have the place to your self.

Plus, what is this “ringing in” the New Year silliness. It’s just a calendar, you know. Heck, I’ve seen over 60 new years and it isn’t a big deal. So we played a board game, talked, and went to sleep. Much more protective than drinking with a lot of fools.


When  the overnight temperature dips below freezing, there is always concern about the water system freezing. The water heater and interior heating system helps to prevent that in the camper, but a frozen water line could be troublesome should a line burst. We have camped in when the temperature drops below freezing, but probably not much below 28 or 29 degrees.

Joyce woke me in the morning to report that we had ran out of water. With a 100 gallon water tank, that was impossible. I told her the water had probably frozen and to wait a while. 30 minutes later the water was running normally. <relief>

No football games or parades for us. The day was crystal clear, and a little warmer. Good weather to go hiking in the Eagle Mountains and look at boulders while Joyce cooked a roast back at the ‘ol campsite.

DSC03390 DSC03388


While most people were probably trying to recover from the holiday’s over indulgence, or back at work, or worse — trying to return worthless gifts at the shopping malls, I decided it would be a good day to wander about canyons and washes.

DSC03394 DSC03396 DSC03395 DSC03397 DSC03399DSC03402DSC03403


We headed home. It had been a long time since I was at work so I needed to reacquaint myself the computer, pay some bills, and get ready to go back to work on Jan 5th. Oh, and I had to sent out some notes to those who were suffering the weather back east :}




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