How I Save Time With Bloglovin’

bloglovin iconThis may not be news to you. There are websites and apps that can search blogs for new posts and notify you or simply assemble the unread new posts of your favorite blogs. Well it was a recent revelation to me.

I try to streamline everything in my life in an effort to save (not waste) time. Surfing the Web can be the largest black hole in the universe of time wasters. I mostly limit my Internet time to a few favorite blogs and occasionally visit one backpacking site and one camper trailer site.

The problem with my favorite blogs was either I had to subscribe to each one and clutter up my email inbox with new post notifications, or I had to visit each blog to check for new posts. Then I heard about Bloglovin’ – actually I got a ping-back doohickey whatchamacallit on my website from someone using Bloglovin’.

This is how it works – you register on the Bloglovin’ website and/or get the app. (If you get the app, it syncs all your devices, including your computer.) Then you enter the URL-thingymajigger into Bloglovin’ for each of your favorite blogs — this shouldn’t take much time; if it does, you are following too many blogs, which means you need to get a life; or it means you are technologically incompent, which may be a blessing — you should go backpacking or camping instead. Assuming you entered all your favorite blogs in under 10 minutes; from that point forward whenever you open the app or go to the website it lists all the unread posts from your favorite blogs. If you read a post on your iPad and a few days later visit Bloglovin’ with your computer, it will show the post has been read.

Pretty amazing. There are probably other products that do the same thing or maybe even do it better. But who has time to go searching? I don’t.

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