Merry Christmas

merry xmas from nick

For the first time in at least 10 years we spent Christmas at home, instead of a camper.

I have been informed that it isn’t Politically Correct to wish strangers a Merry Christmas, and I know complete strangers do read this blog. As a matter of fact, it is now incorrect to have company Christmas parties or Christmas celebrations. Merry Christmas has been replaced with Happy Holidays. 

I say, bullshit.


is a phrase I often see – you know, it’s CHRISTmas. Here’s a surprise: Christ wasn’t born on December 25th, or even in December. Biblical scholars don’t know what day or even what year he was born, but they think he was born sometime between late summer and early fall.

Why is Christ’s birthday celebrated on December 25th?

When the early Christians were converting the European pagans to their religion, they faced a formidable obstacle; the pagans would not give up the celebration of the winter solstice. Being pragmatic, these early Christians decided to make December 25 Christ’s birthday and told the pagans they were really celebrating the birth of Christ. How convenient. If you can’t beat them, join them.


santa clause

I disdain most holidays, but truly enjoy Christmas. It’s the time to enjoy the bounties of the year’s achievements and give gifts to the people you value – not out of duty or altruism, but for your own enjoyment.

The spirit o f Santa Claus is giving to the good and the naughty get nothing. I approve. Much better approach to living than the Christ who sacrificed his life for the sins of mankind. I don’t buy that man is inherently bad, that he is born with original sin.

So… Merry Christmas everyone!

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