My Thoughts on the Presidential Race

This blog is about camping and backpacking. Since it is my site, I can write about anything I want. So here are my thoughts on the Presidential Race.

Bernie Sanders

An avowed Socialist. Worst candidate of all. How on earth can he be doing so well? Apparently his supporters haven’t read the Constitution or their comprehension level is negative 1.

Hillary Clinton

She has promised to continue the Obama legacy and calls herself a progressive, which is a Socialist in sheeps’s clothing. Bad choice.

Donald Trump

Not afraid to talk about the subjects many Americans are concerned about. He has forced dialogue among all the candidates on these subjects; subjects they want to avoid because they don’t want to fix them. However, he would be a bull in a China closet.

Ted Cruz

He says he is going to carpet bomb ISIS. Really, how is he going to do that? Destroy cities and kill all the innocent people? I’m tired of hearing about his religious views. Religion doesn’t belong in politics or Government  Seems Ted changes his mind a lot, he says he works to compromise with Democrats to get things done. I don’t want someone who compromises his beliefs.

Marco Rubio

Like many Republicans, Rubio thinks laws should be based on Christian-Judeo teachings, not individual rights. All in all, he is just another Ted Cruz, I don’t trust either.

So who should we vote for?

All of them are going to increase Government and Government spending. The Republicans says they will reduce taxes and balance the budget — they will raise taxes due to increased military invention in the Middle East. Sanders has said he will increase taxes to put forward his Socialist Agenda, he is the only who doesn’t truly want to take the lead in the ISIS crisis, but still insists we need to be involved. None have said we should leave the Middle East, it is none of our business — although poor leadership from the Bush and Obama administrations created the vacuum in the Middle East that allowed ISIS to get where there are today. It is our fault. Time to leave.

So our choice is to pick the lesser of the 5 evils. Not a good position to be in.

However, we can all write-in this fellow instead.

Pat Paulsen


I would venture to guess that most people reading this post never heard of Mr. Paulsen. He ran for President in 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, and 1996. Google will inform you about him and his platform.

Don’t Worry

Your Google search will probably reveal that he died in 1997. Don’t let that worry you. Listening to the current crop of candidates, I think they are all brain dead.


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