No Kitchen Pass Needed this Weekend

Cropped 06-23-2013Joyce is in Motown visiting relatives and she left me at home without supervision.

The two nights before departure she was packing and wrapping gifts – organized and not rushed. She didn’t ask what my plans were in her absence, nor did she assign any tasks to me, verbally or implied. I drove her to the airport for an early morning departure, listening for any hints of expectations for domestic “to do’s.” None were detected. Returning home I checked the refrigerator door and the interior for any notes or instructions regarding household duties, which came up negative.

There has never been a note inside the fridge, but who knows what a woman might do and I could report that I even checked there (just in case). Nothing by the coffee pot either. No emails on the computer or voice mail. There were no text messages on the cell phone either. However the texting thing is confusing. Sometimes they pop up on the cell phone’s screen and apparently they sometimes arrive on the phone incognito, but where these incognito text messages reside is beyond my cell phone skill.

They only conclusion I could deduce from all of this was there wasn’t any reason not to go backpacking. So I finished up the work for my job, threw some gear and food in my pack, filled my water bottles and headed to the mountains. No kitchen pass needed for this trip.

Of course all of this is in jest, Joyce doesn’t mind when I take off backpacking as long as we get enough camping in together.

Anyway, I headed to one of my favorite places, which is not used much since there is not much water.

Only took one picture on this trip. Kind of nice to ignore the camera and live in the wilderness without technology.

Got home, dropped off the pack, took off my dirty clothes and had a nice hot shower. Simple things make wonderful trips.

mchale bump 06-23-2013

P.S. When Joyce returned, she confirmed there was no To Do list. 🙂

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