Poop Canon a.k.a Flojet RV Waste Pump

We almost never camp in developed campgrounds, especially those that have hook-ups. Too crowded, to noisy, and no privacy. When we bought our Niagara, I knew that dealing with the built-in black water tank was going to be a problem. Since we don’t camp where there are dump stations, dumping wasn’t an option.

One of the reasons I was okay with the black water tank is that my calculations showed that we could camp more than a week without filling it up. Also, I found this great maceration pump system that would let me pump the black water into our home sewer system.

The pump kit comes in this nice carrying case (below)


The wiring kit came with alligator clips to clamp the pump to a battery. So the first order of business was to cut off the clips and install a Bargman connector. This was I could just plug it into the trailer’s plug for power. No getting a battery, no pulling up a vehicle to power the pump (see below).


Below the pump is connected to the trailer’s battery.


Since our Niagara comes with a standard RV connector, the pump was a direct connection (below).


Pump connected to the camper (below).


After using the Poop Canon a few times, I bought this clear adapter so I could monitor how clean the tank is after back flushing.

IMG_0532.JPG smaller

Draining and flushing the tank (below). The green hose if for fresh water. The orange hose is a heavy duty 50 foot, 5/8″ diameter contractor’s hose that pushes the waste into the sewer.

IMG_0531.JPG smaller

Here is the process:

  1. Connect the pump and hoses.
  2. Pull open the black water waste gate valve.
  3. Turn on the pump and watch the waste come out of the tank. When it is empty, turn off the pump.
  4. Turn the water valve to allow fresh water to flow into the black water tank. After 60 seconds, turn off the fresh water valve. Don’t fill for more than 60 seconds or water will come out of the vent near the roof and soak the operator with gunk. Don’t ask how I know 🙁
  5. Repeat several times until the water coming out of the waste tank is clear.

Below the hose to the house sewer system (conveniently there was a clean out close by).



All packed up until the next use (below).