Backpacking Trips

May 2015 Blue Springs State Park, FL (S24O)

May 2015 Appalachian Section Hike in Maryland

April 2015 San Jacinto Mountains

January 2015 Anza Borrego Desert

December 2014 Muddy Mountains Wilderness

December 2014 Anza Borrego Desert

October 2014 Rattlesnake Canyon Joshua Tree

October 2014 Walden Pond

September 2014 Buckeye Trail Ohio

August 2014 Cedars of Lebanon (Tennessee)

June 2014 Buckeye Trail Ohio

October 2013 Laurel Highlands of  Pennsylvania

August 2013 Sandia Mountains New Mexico

August 2013 San Jacinto Mountains

July 2013 Appalachian Trail Pennsylvania

July 2013 Searching For Pebbles in the Mojave Desert

June 2013 Dipped in Green in Massachusetts

June 2013 Stealth Trip in Illinois

May 2013 San Jacinto Mountains

May 2013 Going Back Home to the Surf

May 2013 Mojave Desert

May 2013 Joshua Tree Grand Loop

April 2013 Searching For Palm Trees

March 2013 Searching for Snow in the Sierra Nevada

February 2013 Carey’s Castle Joshua Tree

November 2012 Nostalgic Hike with Chuckwalla Bill (Joshua Tree)

May 2012 San Jacinto Loop

March 2012 Hike to a Secret Desert Place

February 2012 Anza Borrego

December 2011 Lake Mead Walk-about

December 2011 Anza Borrego Desert

November 2011 Anza Borrego Desert with Craig

November 2011 XUL in the Anza Borrego Desert

May 2011 San Jacinto Loop

May 2010 San Jacinto Loop

December 2009 Lake Mead Walk-about

February 2009 Anza Borrego Desert

December 2008 Lake Mead Walk-about

December 2008 Anza Borrego with Joe