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My Black Friday “Shopping” Excursion

Black Friday is about the most ridiculous, time consuming, inconvenient, crowded, and worthless idea I have ever come across. Last year I expounded on insanity in this Black Friday post.

This year we were at Lake Mead and I wrote about my pre-Thanksgiving bike tour here.

Of course, I was required by the boss to be back from the tour for Thanksgiving dinner.

The day after, or Black Friday as it is called, saw me shopping for water;

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Black Friday? Go Camping or Backpacking Instead!

What’s Up With That?

I live in a small town and don’t have any personal experience with the Black Friday phenomenon. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about it.

Last year, one week before Thanksgiving, I was working in the Los Angeles area and went to Best Buy the Friday before Thanksgiving. There were several tents set up in front of the store and people were inside them. I thought it was some sort of store display, as most of the tents had music playing inside of them. When I entered the store, I asked one of the employees about the tents outside. He told me they were shoppers who were camped out waiting to be the first ones in the door next week, when the store would open early Friday morning, the day after Thanksgiving. These people were going to live at Best Buy for a week just so they could buy stuff!! I don’t get it.

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