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2016 Recap: Favorite Gear, Blog Stats, Favorite Trips, Blah, Blah, Blah

Well, it’s that time of the year again when many backpacking bloggers create a list of their favorite new gear from the prior year. How on earth (or why) can these folks have a slew of new backpacking gear year after year? Methinks they are focused on gear, not getting out often and walking. But I digress…

Then some of these bloggers publish web stats for their blog during the prior year. Really? How boring.

A few backpacking bloggers may only post some of their favorite pictures taken during the prior year or do a simple recap of some trip reports – I like what some of the “few” do. The rest, meh.

What is interesting is that campers and full time RVers who blog generally don’t do this. They simply keep writing about their adventures.

My backpacking gear hasn’t changed much in the past 4 or 5 years, so nothing to write about here. Same goes for our camping gear. Somewhere on this website are lists of the gear and equipment we use. You should be able to easily find those if you are interested.

Given this pessimistic outlook on gear, there is one piece of equipment that has been critical for every single backpacking or camping trip I have done since 2003.

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Anniversary Camping Trip

Our wedding anniversary is September 7th and it was the 11th (out of 12) anniversary we spent camping. We would have been 12 out of 12, except last year we were sans camper after vandals destroyed it.

I am lucky (or I chose well) because Joyce loves to go camping. It doesn’t matter when or where we camp, camping almost always takes a priority. She doesn’t camp to make me happy, she does it for herself.


This year we headed up to the mountains. After several trips the past couple months in the desert, the mountains would be a refreshing difference.

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backpacking trip cancelled. went camping instead.


Over the past several years I have made a Memorial Day Weekend tradition of hiking what I call the San Jacinto Loop. One would be hard pressed to find a more varied and diverse 60 mile route in just about any place in North America; maybe anywhere in the planet. Due to a route that passes through 5 climatic zones, Memorial Day timing is about perfect. Not too hot in the desert and not too cold in the alpine zone. You can read about the 2009 and 2010 trips.

But this year I had to cancel.

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Return to Guajome and some discoveries


A month ago we camped at Guajome Regional Park in Oceanside, CA. I wrote about it here.

Upon our return home, I noticed there was a group from PUX (www.popupexplorer.com) planning a camping trip to Guajome the first week of May. Sounded interesting and I posted the following:

We have never been ones to camp with a group. Actually we have only done it once; in 2005 we went to the PUX gathering in RMNP —

But the RMNP gathering was a lot of fun and I made several friends there.

To be honest we have gone camping with others only 4 times in addition to the RMNP trip. We once camped in Oak Creek Canyon, AZ with EveryBodyHauls (who no longer posts here) and thrice we have camped with my wife’s boss.

In fact we rarely even camp in an improved campground. All this being said… we have camped at Guajome twice. Once was last week at site #21. We had a nice time.

Plus I think Wayne and I have a lot in common and it would be nice to meet him (and of course the rest of the group).

So… we have reserved site #21 again for May 2 – 4. Be nice to us, this is a new endeavor and we may not know how to socialize. 🙂

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