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Solar for Backpacking?

Recently I wrote about our RV solar system, which is the best and most favorite modification done to our tent trailer camper. Do I use solar when backpacking? The answer is a simple, “No.” However, some backpackers find them useful. If you are one who is wondering about using solar as part of your backpacking kit, this article might be interesting or even helpful.

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Backpacking with a Smart Phone: Multi-Tool or Anchor?

What’s Up With That?

It amazes me how many people hike with smart phones, or cell phones in general. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-technology. I use my iPhone for business a lot. I travel and manage a field force of consultants with my smart phone. I check schedules, read reports, handle email, sync with my laptop, read books, listen to music, pay bills, and do a myriad of other tasks with my phone. I even talk to people on my phone. But I abhor and don’t utilize the “texting” function. I also keep it synced with my iPad. The smart phone allows me to be more productive when I am working. Continue reading Backpacking with a Smart Phone: Multi-Tool or Anchor?