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I’m An Addict


Addictions are obsessive behaviors that result in negative consequences. I have tendencies for obsessive behavior. Work is one. I must be productive and I thoroughly enjoy work. I have been known to work for 24 to 48 hours non-stop; not because I necessarily have to, but because I want to. This is bad for people relationships. I now have this under control – I don’t want to hurt my relationship with my wife – she is too important to me.

Last week I realized I have another addiction. This one started decades ago.

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On Deserts…

You may wonder why we camp in deserts so often and why I prefer to backpack in them too.

You may deduce that since we live in the desert, it is close and easy to pursue outdoor activities there. That is partially correct – but the desert destinations are by design. Back in 1977 I moved to Palm Springs because I wanted to camp and hike in the desert, along with several other reasons. So I thought I would pontificate On Deserts.

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