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ProPride 6,000 Mile Update

The more I use this, the more I like it! Hitching up the trailer takes seconds, not minutes. But a while back I ran into a small problem.

Propride upper caps dented
ProPride hitch removed from the packing box

When I unpacked the hitch, the upper dust caps were dented. The dents didn’t affect the functionality of the hitch, and was really just a cosmetic issue. However, they caps really should have fitted a little more snug.

Eventually one fell off, lost in the wind while traveling.

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ProPride 4,000 Mile Update

We now have over 4,000 miles on the ProPride Trailer Hitch. Operation has been flawless, and with continuing practice I can hook-up, or disconnect in a matter of seconds. Considering that most of our camping trips are about 100 miles round trip, that is a lot of hitching and unhitching. The trick is to try and keep the tow vehicle lined up with the trailer, so the hitch isn’t at an angle when parking the camper.

4000 miles-1

About every 500 miles I lube the unit via the two grease fittings.

The modifications I had to make (documented in our 1,000 mile update) have worked well.