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Tire Pressure Secrets for Camping Trailers & Tow Vehicles

“What should the tire pressure be when towing?”

expedition-p-metic-tireThis is a common question. If there is one subject among trailer owners that is wrought with misinformation and voodoo, it is tire pressure and load capacity. A discussion about tire pressure is, well, a numbers discussion. Ah, numbers are our friends. Just in case you dislike technical stuff and a bunch of numbers, let me pique your interest with a couple commonly asked but rarely correctly answered questions.

Q. Tire pressures are always shown as cold. Can I set my tires after driving on them and what should I set them at?

A. You should add 5 – 6 psi above the specifications. For example, if the specification is 35 psi, then set your warm tires to 40 or 41 psi.

Q. My SUV/Light Truck came equipped with passenger tires. Is there anything special I should know?

A. Yes. The load carrying capacity of P-Metric tires when used on SUVs, light trucks, and vans is 91% of the stated capacity.

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