TorkLift Propane Lock

TorkLift Propane Lock

If you own something, somewhere out there, a person is willing and able to steal it from you. They just need the opportunity. And they want your propane tanks. Most of these thieves do not have a specific need for your propane tanks or the gas they contain. It is something they can sell. And how do I know they want your tanks?

When thieves want your camper's propane tanks, they are probably going to get them.
Stolen Propane Tanks & Damage to our 2006 Fleetwood Niagara

We had two stolen off our camper almost two years ago.

If someone wants to steal something you own, there is little you can do to prevent it. For the most part, the only way to foil a thief is to slow the crook down. The more difficult you make it to steal something, the less interest a thief has in your property.

When we bought our Milan trailer, I went through the task as making everything as secure as possible, within a reasonable cost. I never really cared for the thread lock gizmo I used to lock the propane tanks on our last two campers. So as any rational person would do when they need to find something, I enlisted the help of Mr. Google.

Surprisingly there are very, very few propane security devices on the market. This tells me there is probably an opportunity for some entrepreneur to make some money. I don’t have time to develop something; camping and backpacking are my priorities, so I am passing this opportunity along to you, the reader. The only thing I request is that you do not use crapstarter or any other crowdfunding source.

Anyway, there is the Torklift Propane Lock. The pictures tell the story, so no need for my prose.

The Forklift Propane Lock Kit contains everything you need -- even a lock.
TorkLift Propane Tank Lock Kit

TorkLift Propane Lock Kit installed in a couple minutes.

Close up of Torklift Propane Tank Lock Kit

Okay, I changed my mind. I have something else to say. The included lock sucked. So I replaced it with a padlock. Much stronger.

TorkLift with padlock
I replaced the included lock with a padlock.

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