Weber Baby Q 120 Grill

Anaza Borrego Oct 2013-1-5

For 10 years we have been camping with a Weber Q series grill. For a more detailed look at the Weber Q, see this post about the Baby Q (model 100). I did the same LPG conversion on the new one too.

Since we bought a new camper a couple months ago, we decided to start out with a brand new grill. Of course we got another Q, but upgraded to the Baby Q 120, which is slightly different than our old Baby Q. Major Differences are:

  • Electronic Ignition (versus the old push-button piezo-electric starter)
  • Built-in thermometer in the cover (the old one didn’t have one)
  • Folding work tables (I had to retrofit some on our old grill)

There are probably some other not so obvious improvements, but I am happy to say this grill lights first time, every time with a single push of the electronic ignition and, of course, grills like a champ!

Anaza Borrego Oct 2013-1-9
I removed the built-in regulator so we could hook it up directly to the camper, which runs on 11″ water column of pressure (about 1/2 pound per square inch).

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