We’rrre Back!

2013-11-27 Lake Mead-1-2

Last week we camped at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Using the Inter-agency Senior Pass I bought earlier this year, the cost was $5 per night, which came out to $35 for the week. Plus free entrance to Lake Mead NRA!

We stayed at our favorite campground and I am happy to report that the occupancy was around 10%. It was nice and quiet the whole week.


We were surprised to see that a large portion of the campground has been renovated. Areas have been re-graded, new parking pads in place, and most importantly the oleander bushes have been removed. These plants are poisonous and can kill big horn sheep.

2013-11-27 Big Horn Sheep-1-8 2013-11-27 Big Horn Sheep-1-5

Temperatures were in the 60’s during the day and lows in the 40’s (Fahrenheit). Lots of sunshine and most days no clouds.

2013-11-27 Lake Mead-1 2013-11-27 Lake Mead-1-4 2013-11-27 Lake Mead-1-3

Above is Fortification Hill viewed from our campground. Although we were camped in Nevada, the hill is actually on the other side of Lake Mead in Arizona. A couple years ago I did a backpacking trip that included climbing to the top of the “hill.” Click here to read.

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