Yosemite Sucks!

What’s Up With That?


Not the National Park. No, Apple’s new operating system sucks.

Many decades ago I owned several Apple II computers and a Macintosh. They were all great machines and ran some wonderful software. Unfortunately I needed some software that only ran on a Windows computer. Over time Microsoft Office for Windows became the standard business world standard and I got rid of my Apple computers.

A few years ago I got an iPod, then an iPhone, and then an iPad. All fantastic technology. Having gotten really fed up with Windows machines with their ever increasing bloated software  and easy targets for viruses, adware, and spyware they are generally awful. But Apple did not make a computer that was compatible with Windows specific software.

A few years ago Apple started using Intel processors in the computers, which meant that one could now run Windows applications along with Apple’s OS apps. Awesome. I could get by with using Apple specific software for the most part,  and could run the few Windows applications too if I were to my an Apple computer.

So earlier this year I bought an Apple MacBook Pro 15 with a retina screen. I bought the largest most powerful MacBook Pro, along with two Thunderbolt displays. A rather pricey system. Aside from the price, my new system was scraggily fast, everything ran like a stripped-ass ape! Heaven.

Then about a week ago I uploaded the new Apple operating system, OS X Yosemite. Yes, Apple kept bombarding me with emails about how perfect this new OS was and how it would even more seamlessly work with my other Apple devices. The upgrade to Yosemite was free. So I installed it.

Now my MacBook Pro is a slow piece of shit. It is even slower than my aged Windows laptop, which I am now using. Doing a Internet search I found that thousands upon thousands of Apple users are pissed. Everyone’s computer is now junk.

So I went to the Apple support site for help. Nothing posted by Apple to fix Yosemite. As a matter of fact, if you look at the support site all you can find is glowing lies from Apple about how wonderful Yosemite is.

There is a community forum on Apple’s website and well… everyone is up in arms. They are ranting. This morning there is one thread with over 700 posts and over 80,000 views of people trying to help each other out to fix their computers. Apple is mum on the subject. Also if you do a search for OS X Yosemite is slow, you will get almost a million hits — and this update was only released this month.

There are about 13 fixes common posted on the Internet to fix OS X Yosemite. I did them all. My computer is still a brick — worthless for computing. A piece of shit.

Of course you cannot send Apple an email. But you can request help on their website by filling out a form, which says Apple will prep for your call and when you call just reference the case number. So I did that and gave them 24 hours to prep before I called.

This morning I called and after waiting 15 minutes on hold gave up. Since my system is less than a year old, I wonder if Apple will refund my money. Good luck on that that.

Maybe someone at Apple will read this post. I doubt it. Anyway in case one you Apple asshole employees read this, here is my email I would have sent you if you had email for us poor consumers.

Dear Apple,

You music on hold sucks. I had to listen to it for 15 minutes and gave up trying to get my computer fixed.

I guess I will have to take a day off of work and drive to one of your Apple stores, but I bet there are thousands of people waiting in line.

I bet this would not have happened if Steve Jobs was still alive. He would not put up with this kind of crap.


Nick Gatel

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