LiteTrail Titanium Solid Fuel Cook System

I wasn’t going to buy any new gear this year (excluding my McHale Bump and a Caldera Cone stove upgrade). I almost made it too. But I saw this cook system on BPL and just had to have it 🙂

Advertised at sub 3 ounces. Mine weighs 85 grams which is 2.998287 ounces. This weight does not include the mesh sack (12 grams) that came with. That was somewhat perplexing as it also came with a cuben stuff sack.

Cook kit with the included mesh sack.


Cook kit sans the mesh sack.


The stove, windscreen, and ground protector all fit inside the pot for a nice compact package. Also room for several Esbit fuel tabs. The pot is 550 ml capacity (18.5 oz), which is perfect for boiling 16 ounces of water.


Lots of room for fuel tabs.


Stove on top of the ground protector.


Fuel tab on the stove tray.


Once the fuel catches fire, almost all of the flame is contained to the bottom of the pot,   with a small bit beyond the edges.


The arms of the stove are notched so the pot fits securely on the stove.


Another view of the notched arm.


The titanium (foil to be exact) windscreen in place. Under perfect conditions it took about 6 minutes to bring 16 ounces of tap water to a rolling boil. I can probably get burning fuel to immediately boil another 8 ounces or so before the 14 gram fuel tab is consumed… at least under ideal conditions.


Will this take place of my Caldera Cone? Not sure, I have been happy with my cones, although the beer can pots do fail over time, developing pin-holds from the flexing of the aluminum material. I did get a Caldera Titanium ULC stove kit for one of my other pots, but there is too much fiddle-factor is setting it up. I will be experimenting on several trips this year and the final outcome will be determined by New Years Day.

The only thing this does not have is some sort of pot handle to lift it. I am not thrilled about using a bandanna to do this. I will start out by using my Zelph silicon band, which will add .8 ounce to the kit.

Zelph silicone band


Zelph band around the LiteTrail pot.


So far I think I am going to be very pleased with this little cook kit. Time will tell.