Camper Cargo Door Mod


Our front cargo doors seal well — they never leak. With that comes an inconvenience. Sometimes the seal sticks and it is difficult to open the door. The doors don’t have handles. So sometimes I would have to press upward on the key while it was in the lock and lift/pull with the key to open the door. Eventually I would have probably broken the key. So I needed a solution.

Home Depot is your friend


So off I went to Home Depot in search of a solution. And for $1.47 each, I found these plastic cabinet pulls. They include two 1 3/4″ screws and two smaller screws. I didn’t measure the smaller screws because 1 3/4″ was perfect.

I drilled two holes 3 inches on center, placed a lock washer and flat washer on each screw, and installed the handles.

The pulls blend into the cargo door and are hardly noticeable. Joyce won’t notice them, which means there was no team meeting to gain approval for said handle installation.


While I was at Home Depot I also found a pull that would be perfect for our screen door. For some unknown cosmic reason there is no inside handle to pull the screen door closed; well there is probably a reason — it saved the manufacturer a couple bucks.

Now the screen door handle would be installed inside the camper, which means that Joyce would notice it and that fact required permission from her to proceed with the installation. But I knew she would agree… you see the new handle exactly matched all the interior cabinet pulls. Wives like that kind of matching stuff.



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