Halloween Camp


Halloween is generally a pain in the ass. Little people coming to the door trying to extort treats from me, threatening me with a “trick.” And the little beggars always begging for candy. I can’t take it.

This is excaborated with the constant door bell ringing, ringing, and ringing, which throws Corky into a tizzy, running around in circles and barking his head off — to the point that I have to lock him in the laundry room.

This is compounded by Joyce yelling at me to look at some store-bought costume a little person is wearing. All this Halloween stuff that consumers waste over $7 billion dollars worth of spending.

But this year I had a plan….

Halloween fell on a Friday, so I went camping with Joyce and the dog. Since it was a weekend, that is what we normally do anyway — but I made sure we went THIS weekend. So off to Joshua Tree we went.

The weather had taken a turn towards the cold, after the great weather I had a few days earlier on my Rattlesnake Canyon trip.


Instead of the ritual carving of pumpkins, we did a lot of hiking and saw many boulder jack-o-lanterns.

DSC03134 DSC03139 DSC03133 DSC03132 DSC03130 DSC03129


A weather front rolled in for the weekend bring cold weather and clouds. Clouds in the desert are about the most beautiful thing on earth.

DSC03143 DSC03142 DSC03128 DSC03124

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