Dual Battery and LPG Upgrade

When we remodeled our camper we were going to need some batteries and additional propane (LPG) tanks for extended camping trips. I removed the existing hardware for the single battery and single LPG tank and re-engineered the set-up.

1093544232049309119Above: The original set-up included a single propane tank and an itty bitty battery tray below it that could only hold a small Group 24 battery.

I started by installing the batteries and hardware. Then I installed dual LPG hardware and tanks.

1093544131049309119Above: I found this toolbox at Lowes that was the perfect dimension for two Group 27 batteries.

1093544149049309119Above: I installed two pieces of angled aluminum to the trailer’s frame. I then bolted the tool box to the aluminum channels.

1093544142049309119Above: Because of the shape of the front of the camper, and the need for the box to be as close to the camper body, to allow room for the propane tanks, the battery box is oriented to open out from the camper body.

1093544156049309119Above: Batteries installed.

1093544171049309119Above: the toolbox makes a good place to sit your beer can.

Next step was to bolt a dual propane bottle tray to the frame in front of the battery box.

 1093544193049309119 1093544199049309119


1093544215049309119Above: A lock to keep the honest people honest.

Above: This regulator automatically switches tanks when the first one runs empty. Very convenient if the first tank runs out of LPG in the middle of the night. It also has a gauge at the top to let you know when the first tank is empty.