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Desert. Again. and Again.


A variation of the popular post cards that are sold in Palm Springs gift shops; which proclaim, “The weather is beautiful, wish you were here.”

Many people I know who are campers and/or backpackers are winding down their camping and hiking activities as we head towards winter.

So this past week I headed out to camp with my beautiful wife in the high desert area of Joshua Tree National Park. Unfortunately, it didn’t dawn on me that Monday the 11th was Veterans Day and all the camp grounds were full.

So we headed to the lower Colorado Desert to a place I knew would not be crowded, where we enjoyed our fourth consecutive week of desert camping.

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I Need My Space

Over the past few months I have hiked in Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and of course California among other places.

Other than California I found most trails to be in dense forests and most travel confined to trails, as cross country travel is difficult at best. These places are often confining, the sky is often hidden by a canopy of trees, and views are only possible by climbing up to a peak. Instead of forest duff, one deals with rocks and roots.

In spite of these obstacles, those places I traveled are beautiful in their own right and highly recommended.

But I prefer open spaces. Spaces where I can at almost any time position myself to see for miles and miles. The open spaces I am referring to are deserts.

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